“CHAAYAKRUTI 2022” was the 2nd edition organised by PHOTOARTiO.

        After the overwhelming response to “CHAAYAKRUTI 2019” (1st edition), we kept our fingers crossed and let our PHOTOARTIANS rock the stage. It turned out to a great platform to our PHOTOARTIANS to display their talent and potential to the whole world. It was a sincere attempt to boost their confidence as well and we could say it worked!

        The venue for the exhibition was Balgandharva Art Gallery, Pune.

PHOTOARTiO was pleased to welcome our guests of honour:

Mr. Vikas Shinde

renowned commercial Photographer

Mr. Sunil Jadhav  

Expert in Print Technology



“प्रदर्शनामध्ये अत्यंत भावनिक व सर्व प्रकारच्या छटा चित्रित करण्यात आल्या. प्रत्येक कलाकाराची विचार व प्रतिभा त्यामधून जाणवली. अशा संधीन मुळे कलाकाराला अधिक प्रेरणा मिळते व ते ताकदीने पुढे जातात. आयोजकांचे सुद्धा खूप अभिनंदन.” – श्री. भरत कांबळे

“This is my first time that I have attended a photography exhibition. It was really refreshing and amazing experience. Keep up the good work and looking forward to the next exhibition.” – Vaishnavi Kambale

“It is really awesome and sets a new vision too towards life.” – Mrs. Rajni Asthana

“Nice exhibition. Got introduced to the new concepts of photography. The participants were really patient as they explain the meaning s of their photos. Their efforts can be seen in their work. Thanks to all” – Mrs. Manorama S. Bhagat

“फोटोतील कल्पकता अतिशय सुंदर!! नवरसातील फोटोंनी खूप आनंद दिला. आयोजकांना विन्नती की, नवीन फोटोग्राफी शिकणाऱ्याना आपले मार्गदर्शन मिळावे व त्या साथी आपण प्रयत्न करावे. – विकास धनवटे 

Best photographs I have ever seen. Nature Photography is great. The variety of the overall display in the exhibition is fantastic. I personally liked the images that captured human emotions and frames.” – Aryan Balasaheb Dixit 

अप्रतिम! प्रत्येक फोटो बघताना नाविन्य दिसत गेल. भावना, विचार आणि दृष्टि प्रत्येक फोटो बघताना जाणवत गेली. सर्वांना मनापासून शुभेच्छा. सातत्याने तुमची कला आम्हाला दिसत रहावी त्यासाठीसाठी अशी प्रदर्शने भरवीत रहा. – महेश घोडके