One of a kind and the very first “CHAAYAKRUTI” was organised in 2019 by PHOTOARTiO.
Our mentors Sachin sir and Priyadarshini ma’am, PHOTOARTiO members and our PHOTOARTIANS had mixed feelings and were super excited for the group photography exhibition.
The venue for the exhibition was Balgandharva Art Gallery, Pune. 
           PHOTOARTiO was pleased to welcome our guests of honour:

Mr. Shrikrishna Paranjpe
  a well-known Photojournalist as well as Owner & Founder of Balmudra Photo studio, Pune.

Mr. Pravin Kolhe
  Superintendent Engineer, Water Resources Dept., Govt. of Maharashtra and a photography   enthusiast

Mr. Amol Chaphekar
Managing Director, StartaEnviro Pvt. Ltd. & Starta Group.






“Creativity at its best! Truly expressing the Beauty of nature and people , both.” – Miss. Glory Gaware

“All the photographs are very good. It seems every photographer has done his\her job very well.” – Yogesh Khutwad & Riyaz Pathan

“Few new compositions, unique experiments as well as the strong urge to exhibit something new has touched my heart. Other than that, a sincere effort to explore the depths of art, by the participants, surprises me. Best of luck to you all.” – Mr. Sharad Nirulkar

“The exhibition is well managed. The depth of the photos and their meanings are endless. One should have a micro vision to reach the rhythm and wave of the maturity of the thought embedded in each photograph. The bold use of various shades has been adorable.” – Chetan & Darshana Pawar